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Help Your Muscles Endure Heavy Workouts And Improve At The Same Time!


If you are working out often, you must know that your muscles tend to get overactive at times and it might be painful at times. While working out directly improves your health, sometimes, these muscle overworking can lead to chronic pain. If you do feel that sort of pain, but you don’t know a way to stop it, you can use a Foam Roller and achieve what is called a ‘self-myofascial release’. This is typically a special treatment designed to inhibit the muscles as well as reduce the pain one would feel, but now you don’t have to get treatment for those cases, as you can get one of these foam rollers and achieve the effect yourself.

Where can I find a foam roller?

These can be found pretty much anywhere. They are a part of the standard issue Pilates equipment, so each store which provides that sort of equipment should be able to offer you one of these as well. If the area you live in doesn’t produce or sell these, you can still get them online and have them shipped to your address with a small fee. There are all sorts of exercises designed to be done with these rollers. Some are even performed along with having a Half Foam Roller, which is said that it improves your balance. Both of these are used in exercise, and there are specific methods you can use to be able to achieve the desired effects on any part of your body. If you aren’t familiar with these and the way they work, if you are in a Pilates or aerobics class, you can ask your instructor to give you some advice, as he will most likely know what it is and how is it used for best effects. Otherwise, the person who sells it to you might be able to offer a few tips as well.

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Easiest massaging therapy by massage balls

Ancient people used to message or compresses their body parts with help of different type of materials. A massage ball is not used for a compress. Massage balls are used as a massage aid. A massage ball helps to stimulate the body in different ways. It provides variation to the simple compress technique. Most of the massage balls have porcupine type’s structure with having spines all over the outer surface. Although these spines are not as sharp as a porcupine’s quill. Massage bas available in two forms hard massage ball and soft or pilate massage ball. They are made by different type of materials.

The massage therapists use different-sized and type of massage ball for different regions. All type of message balls are used for different purpose. The massage ball has very important use and that is for self massaging. With help of massage ball you can give yourself a good massage with anybody’s help. It self massaging are cost effective, faster and you can do it any time whenever you have time. Many people used the massage balls into their daily fitness routines.

Types of massage balls:-

  1. Foot message ball: – it is the most commonly used massage ball. The foot massage ball looks like a dumbbell and it is designed as a double ball with a short straight length in-between. Application is very simple; you simply sit on a chair and roll your foot up and down on the ball.
  2. Massage exercise ball: – various sizes of message balls are available in market such as small golf-sized ball to really massive size balls. The biggest ones are called massage exercise balls. For using this ball you need to simply lie on the ball by allowing your back to arch backward. It is little difficult exercise but it improves blood circulation to parts of the spine and helpful in back ache.
  3. Spiky massage balls: – it is used by massage therapists to stimulate the skin and underlying soft tissues. Main purpose of this stimulation is to get a therapeutic effect. They applied spiky massage balls vigorously so that they can provide a relaxing effect on muscles and soft tissues. You can use this massage therapy by yourself and get therapeutic benefits at home
  4. Pilates balls: – Pilates balls are used by yoga students. The Swiss ball or Pilates ball is one of the most popular props used in yoga and fitness studios. Pilates ball workout programs are used to provide strength your body and give a toned shape to your body. There are several sizes of Pilates ball are available in market you can choose your ball according to your body size. This ball comes along with ball pumps.

This massage balls are easily available and nominal in price. But you should be very careful when you use massage balls because if you will choose wrong massage ball such as softer ball in place of harder one or vice versa you will not get good results and harder balls may cause of your pain.


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Use these Pilates Stretch / Resistance Band


Stretch / Resistance Band – Special Price: $11.08

These resistance bands are ideal for Mat Pilates, strength and flexibility training, Toning & Sculpts Muscles and rehabilitation therapy.


  • Durable Long Lasting
  • Flat and smooth latex construction
  • Great to take travelling
  • Also known as Pilates Therobands


  • Material: Latex
  • Thickness: 3mm & 5mm

Buy 3 for $9.71 each and save 13% | Buy 10 for $6.55 each and save 41%

For more details Free call us 130 088 5567


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Accupoint Foam Roller exercises and workouts


Accupoint Roller – 30.5cm – Special Price: $38.95

Accupoint Foam Roller is a key prop in Pilates and often recommended by Physiotherapists for rehabilitation.

  • Size: Small
  • Length: 30.5cm
  • Diameter: 14.5cm
  • Colour: Orange
  • Density: Hard

Other uses: Yoga, Massage Therapy and Balance training

Buy 3 for $34.45 each and save 12% | Buy 10 for $27.42 each and save 30%

For more details Free call us 130 088 5567

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Acquire inexpensive price from Pilates Magic Circle at Australia


Magic Circle Ring – $28.50

Features :

  • Assists in finding deeper connections to your core
  • Fits nicely in your suitcase to keep fit on your holiday
  • Great prop to target trouble areas like inner thighs
  • Flexible resistance ring with soft cover
  • Foam-padded grips for added comfort

Specifications :

  • Diameter: 37cm
  • Colour: Green or Grey

Buy 3 for $24.98 each and save 13% | Buy 10 for $19.00 each and save 34%

Pilates Magic Circle a multitalented Exercise tool. It’s very useful device for Exercise kit & self improvement in your body part.

For more details Free call us 130 088 5567

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