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Make Every Workout Comfortable For Your Body


If you are a big fan of exercise and you are taking up a certain activities, you will be quick to learn that almost every sport or sport – like activity requires certain equipment which makes training much more comfortable and enjoyable. Naturally, you can always consider taking up your exercise without the given equipment, but having the equipment necessary for your training is certainly going to make it a lot easier. Depending on the activity you chose to take up on, you might choose different accessories and pieces of equipment which are going to ease your training.

For which activities could the equipment be considered useful?

Some of the most popular activities most people choose to pursue are yoga, Pilates and aerobics. Any of these activities might require you to buy some extra equipment, which you can certainly purchase in specialized stores. The most popular choice for a comfortable workout is an exercise mat, which is usually made out of foam and could be found in several colors, for your convenience. It can be used as the support for any sort of exercise, not just Pilates or yoga. Even if you decided to do some working out from your home, you could buy one of these and use them as a supporter.

Where could I find them?

You can find these sorts of mats virtually anywhere. The option which would bring you the most convenience would be ordering one online and having it delivered to you, but you can also head to a Pilates exercise equipment store or any other sports equipment store, where you will be able to find either this particular mat, or at least a version of it, which would be the most similar to what you are looking for. Overall, they provide perfect support for your spine and help your body not get damaged while you handle the exercise routine.

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Help Your Muscles Endure Heavy Workouts And Improve At The Same Time!


If you are working out often, you must know that your muscles tend to get overactive at times and it might be painful at times. While working out directly improves your health, sometimes, these muscle overworking can lead to chronic pain. If you do feel that sort of pain, but you don’t know a way to stop it, you can use a Foam Roller and achieve what is called a ‘self-myofascial release’. This is typically a special treatment designed to inhibit the muscles as well as reduce the pain one would feel, but now you don’t have to get treatment for those cases, as you can get one of these foam rollers and achieve the effect yourself.

Where can I find a foam roller?

These can be found pretty much anywhere. They are a part of the standard issue Pilates equipment, so each store which provides that sort of equipment should be able to offer you one of these as well. If the area you live in doesn’t produce or sell these, you can still get them online and have them shipped to your address with a small fee. There are all sorts of exercises designed to be done with these rollers. Some are even performed along with having a Half Foam Roller, which is said that it improves your balance. Both of these are used in exercise, and there are specific methods you can use to be able to achieve the desired effects on any part of your body. If you aren’t familiar with these and the way they work, if you are in a Pilates or aerobics class, you can ask your instructor to give you some advice, as he will most likely know what it is and how is it used for best effects. Otherwise, the person who sells it to you might be able to offer a few tips as well.

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Improve Your Golf Game With Pilates


Proper Pilates practice is an excellent way to strengthen your core, improve balance and increase flexibility – all of which will improve your golf swing. A simple foam roller Pilates equipment is all you need to perform exercises that improve your core strength and balance, making you much more stable during your golf swing. Pilates exercises build all your muscles evenly to reduce the risk of muscle injury and increase flexibility in your hips and shoulders, increasing the length of your drives. Pilates also improves your stamina and endurance, allowing you to practice and play for longer periods of time.

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The best self-massage tool by Spiky Massage Ball – 7cm


Spiky Massage Ball – 7cm – $9.20 

Spiky Massage Balls to apply any part of the body. Use for massage, relaxation exercises, hand therapy and reflexology.

  • Used to release tight, uncomfortable muscles
  • Use for sensory therapy, manual massage and reflexology
  • Great for tired feet and hands.
  • Small enough to take with you anywhere.

Buy 3 for $7.30 each and save 21% | Buy 10 for $4.76 each and save 49%

For more details Free call us 130 088 5567


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Foam Roller High Density EVA Half Foam Roller


High density EVA half foam roller – $35.29

Foam Roller – Find the major choice of Eva Half Foam Roller on online sale. By shop 30 day money back security, Exceptional Prices, Quality Products, exclusive of relationship Service !! Free Shipping !! To foremost Cities, – Free Call or Email, Preferred by Pilates Instructors.

  • Length: 98cm
  • Colour: Black
  • Surface: Pebble

Buy 3 for $32.72 each and save 8% | Buy 10 for $29.75 each and save 16%

For more details Free call us 130 088 5567


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A large collection of Grip Socks


Grip Socks – $12.00

Grip socks are not only hygienic option to bare feet; they also allow you to keep your socks on when doing exercises which require grip between your feet and the mat or equipment.


•         Material: Socks are 90% cotton and 10% spandex.

•         Size: S (W5-8) or M (W8-11 M6-10)

Care instructions:

Warm delicate wash with like colors. Do not bleach. Do not tumble dry.

Buy 3 for $9.57 each and save 21% | Buy 10 for $7.43 each and save 39%

For more details Free call us 130 088 5567


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Accupoint Foam Roller exercises and workouts


Accupoint Roller – 30.5cm – Special Price: $38.95

Accupoint Foam Roller is a key prop in Pilates and often recommended by Physiotherapists for rehabilitation.

  • Size: Small
  • Length: 30.5cm
  • Diameter: 14.5cm
  • Colour: Orange
  • Density: Hard

Other uses: Yoga, Massage Therapy and Balance training

Buy 3 for $34.45 each and save 12% | Buy 10 for $27.42 each and save 30%

For more details Free call us 130 088 5567

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